The Front End of Innovation Conference

The Front End of Innovation Conference has featured a a number of thought leaders in innovation over the past few years. These summaries include presentations by most of the keynote speakers and several track presenters. Previous speakers include:

Deborah Ancona: X-Teams: How to Build Teams that Lead, Innovate and Execute

Janine Benyus and Gunter Pauli: Inspiration for Innovation: Learning from Nature

Kjell Bergström: Green Innovation & BioPower

Mark F. Buckley: Sustainability at Staples/Values that Move Us

Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher, Microsoft and Author 

Clayton Christensen, Creating Products That Do the Job

Clayton Christensen: Methods for Developing New Products That Customers Predictably Will Buy

Henry Chesbrough, University of California, Berkeley

Dieter Geppert: Global Innovation - Bridging Cultural Differences

Michael Giersch: Organizing for Success in High-Growth Emerging Opportunities

Vijay Govindarajan, Professor, Dartmouth College

Mike HatrickGiving People Wings - Innovation Cultural Transformation

Michael Heiss: Balanced Innovation management and Its Global Implementation

Charles Jones and David Swift, Whirlpool North America

Terry Jones, Innovation in a Wired World

Peter Koen: Best of The Best: Learn Top Quartile Practices in The Front End

Claudia Kotchka, Design Evangelist, Proctor & Gamble

A.G. Lafley: The Art and Science of Game-Changing Innovation

Renee Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Strategy

Dustan E. McCoy, Brunswick Corporation

Ray Kurzweil: The Acceleration of Technology in the 21st Century

Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.

Simon Minderhoud: Philips Front End Innovation Processes

Gunter Pauli & Janine Benyus: Inspiration for Innovation: Learning from Nature

Guido Petit, Director of Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy, Alcatel-Lucent

Burt Rutan, Scaled Composites, SpaceShipOne

Rob Shelton: Develop Breakthrough Innovation Capabilities

Robin Spencer: Idea Management as and Enabler of the "Pull" Business Model

Evan Schwartz, Burt Rutan, Rodney Brooks, The Inventors Forum

Rob Spencer, Pfizer Global Research & Development

David Swift & Charles Jones, Whirlpool North America

Eric Von Hippel, Democratizing Innovation

Simon Woodroffe: Using Innovation to Win New Markets

David Wootton: Giving People Wings - Innovation Cultural Transformation